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Thread: What Charger do i need for my Laptop

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    What Charger do i need for my Laptop

    Hi Guys, got this 'RM' laptop with no charger, i did borrow a mates universal one but that's gone now, i wanna get a proper fitting one rather than a multi out put one as its for a friend and don't want them playing around and frying the laptop or themselves! - seems to be loads on ebay, but having trouble working out what connector i need

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    Re: What Charger do i need for my Laptop

    I can't guess the size of the DC jack connector, but someone might be able to. I wish they didn't vary so much and they should be a standard size for every laptop sold IMO as it is very annoying.

    You probably know you can get the connectors that connect to the end of a universal AC adaptor, 2 pin jobs that would do the job but ideally if you can get the exact model of the laptop find an original adaptor on ebay. If it doesn't say the model number/name on the laptop itself either look up its service tag number or if you have access to Windows get Everest and it might say if you are lucky.
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