I have a Dell Inspirion 1501 laptop that is just over 3 years old now, but today it was switched on and it had lines consisting mainly of blue and red running right down the right hand side of the screen (all of the half) and this was from BIOS upto Windows.

I have taken it apart, disconected the LCD and keyboard from motherboard and also another wire from the LCD to somewhere inside - looked like some kind of ground cable? I unscrewed this then reconnected everything back up and put it back together.

It then didn't have the obvious lines down the screen anywhere, but I can notice now that there is a blue rectanglar shape down the middle of the screen when logging off windows/shutting down etc but it is not at least useable which is much better than before!

Does anyone know what could have made it better? as the connectors all seemed to be in securely and were certainly not loose one bit. I am worried that it will happen again and I will require a new LCD. It is definitely the LCD and not the graphics card as it works perfectly when connected to an external CRT monitor - this was the first thing I did this morning.

Thanks for any advice.