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Thread: New Be Quiet PSUs

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    New Be Quiet PSUs

    Hi guys,

    I was wondering if anyone had used the new dark power pro psus yet? Specifically:

    Im doing a staged upgrade to i7, and im going to end up with 2x5870 and I want a bit more head room than the old enermax will give me despite its excellent service till this point. Also the cables are a bit short for my Fortress 02.

    Any opinions on the unit?


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    Re: New Be Quiet PSUs

    Don't know off handI know the lower wattage ones where rated by spcr as the single quietest unit at any load and they are very good quality.

    The main thing I can see you be that you're not going to need a kilo watt even for an overclocked i7 and two 5780 in crossfire
    If you where going for a quad graphics card set up maybe.

    I'd look at the seasonic X range

    From the jonnyguru review of the 650w model
    the X series from Seasonic is their new top of the line platform. As such, I expected the performance to match up accordingly. I was not disappointed. With the best efficiency I've seen to date combined with outstanding rail stability and ripple and noise suppression good enough to give server grade units nightmares for months, Seasonic has a winner among winners here.

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