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Thread: It pays to check!

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    It pays to check!

    Just a small aside,
    I am just about to order the parts for my first build and after trawling all over the net had sorted the cheapest supply for almost everything, but I had a choice of 2 or three places for the case. One of these advertised the case with a 350w power supply and cheaper so I was just about to order off them when I thought I would check what the psu was. I couldn't find there e-mail adress onthe web site (it was there I just couldn't see it!) but then I saw there phone no.- then I noticed it was the same code as mine! I was just about to order something over the net from them, pay a fortune to have it delivered, when they are actually less than a 5 min walk from my front door!


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    LOL, mucho handy

    When I was living in Sheffield I ordered a lot of stuff through OCS, would haved picked it up on my way into uni, but I never did actually find the shop..

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