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Thread: Avast has gone nuts with false posiives?

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    Avast has gone nuts with false posiives?

    Just a minute ago, after updating it's virus database, Avast has started going nuts saying "Malware Was Found!" for every single .sys file in my system32\drivers folder. Obviously I'm concerned, but I sure these have got to be false positives... I know this has happened with Avast before. Anyone else having problems?

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    Re: Avast has gone nuts with false posiives?

    Not at the moment, but this machine is running Avira. And another machine that is using Avast last updated yesterday. Can't try it now, but will give it a go later if nobody else can.

    BUt you're right, this type of thing has happened before and if it's a problem with the update, I'm sure another will be imminent.

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