Hello everyone!

After my motherboard died on my Dell GX620 last week (and failing to get a replacement from ITC....I'll add the amusing email string to Obvious' thread regarding them!!) I've been looking to upgrade...and ended up here ...looks like a good stumble

I'd like something like the 3XS i2 OC Smart edition but with some mods....

Intel i5 processor
Upgraded fan

actually....just looked at the H55 Aero....that maybe perfect! Would there be much advantage in upgrading the proc to an i5?

I'm a keen photographer so use Photoshop a lot with very large image files, and my new camera also shoots full HD, so I'm now getting to grips with Premier....I assume the graphics card in the system can handle HD editing ok?
I also have a Creative Gold sound card to transfer from the old Dell PC, I assume it would fit in no problem?

Thanks and I look forward to your reply...... oh...almost forgot, I live in Portugal, would there be any problem in delivering here? (I'd have to go forego the onsite warranty I'd imagine