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Thread: Lanparty JR 790GX M2RS

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    Lanparty JR 790GX M2RS

    So I bought one of these to go with a athlon X3 435. Now When I got the board it didnt have a bios that would recognise the CPU. So I updated it and could see my X3. So now time to play with ACC. When i turn this on auto I get no post. Reset of the cmos and all is back to normal.

    I read rumours that newer dfi bios revisions are unsuccessful for unlocking, was wondering does anyone have this board and have unlocked, if so what bios revision are you using. Or if anyone knew where I could get bios images from that havent had the acc bit messed with (if the rumour is true)

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    Re: Lanparty JR 790GX M2RS

    That is pretty much what happened when I tried to Unlock the 4th core on my 720be. Eventually I just gave up with the view it must be a defective core.

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