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Thread: Slight clipping during HD sound playback

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    Slight clipping during HD sound playback

    This is a shot in the dark but figured I'd give it a try.

    I got a friend to convert a lot of my HD stuff to .MKV so that I could store them on my PC & just ease playback in general. With the .mkv the Dolby Digital was encoded with it.

    Recently I have started to notice a problem with the play back, it is very juttery, almost as if it was being stopped & played very very quickly(or if someone talks through a fan, it sounds similar to that). It ranges from being total jibberish, to just happening every few seconds, but enough to really notice.

    It is doing it with both VLC and MPC, both being set up to transmit the sound via optical to my Sony Receiver. Some films it is totally fine, others I have to turn off the dolby digital to hear what's being said.

    Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before? Both VLC & MPC are up to date, on a up to date Windows 7. Thanks guys

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    Re: Slight clipping during HD sound playback

    You mention HD sound in your topic title - doe you just mean HD content, rather than HD audio (i.e DTS-HD MA and True HD)? Just wanted to clarify that. I assume so as you mention Dolby Digital tracks are part of the mkv.

    How were the mkv files created - do you know what tools your mate used?

    When you say MPC is up to date, do you have the latest version from There are very new builds there, likely newer than some on Sourceforge.

    What splitter are you using to play the files? The internal MPC one? Haali? Have you tried using a different one?

    And what audio filter? The internal MPC one? Ac3 filter? Again, try swapping to see the results. Might not hurt to play about with different video filters too. Ffdshow supports DXVA video decoding as well if that's a requirement.

    Also, might be an idea to check your CPU usage during playback, as well as looking at the filter properties for your video renderer (EVR?) to see the frame rate achieved.

    I've ignored VLC entirely as I don't use it (don't like it) so have no experience of the recent builds.

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