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Thread: New System - Help needed

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    New System - Help needed

    Hi there.
    Posting this to ask if any of you could please spec up a system for me?
    It will mainly be used for work but out of hours will be gaming and multitasking with photoshop etc.

    I have a rough idea of the spec but i havent read about new products for the past 6 months+ so am completely "out of the know".

    4GB Ram
    500GB or there abouts HDD
    Quad core?? Probably not necessary but might help on the multitasking side of things.
    Reasonably good GPU

    No monitor, keyboard, mouse etc needed as already have those.

    It is on a tight budget aswell of a maximum £300.

    Please move if I have posted this in the wrong area, thanks.

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    Re: New System - Help needed

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      • PSU:
      • SilverStone SX500-LG V2.0
      • Case:
      • Jonsbo UMX3 TG Version
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      • Windows 10 Pro
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      • AOC Agon AG322QC4 31.5"
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    Re: New System - Help needed

    It'll be hard to include a quad core if you've got a budget of £300 only. Also, what resolution will you be gaming at and how much eyecandy do you like to have on? This determines which graphics card you need.

    When will you next upgrade? Or will you not upgrade and just leave it in the corner or give it to someone?

    EDIT: Didn't see you already have monitor/keyboard/mouse etc. Will you need a case though? Or is the £300 budget on the internal components only? DVD drive needed? Have you got a copy of the OS you plan to use?

    CPU: If you'll be doing more multitasking and office related work then go for a triple core Athlon II X3 434 2.9ghz at around £62 or if you want a dual core gaming orientated build then a Phenom II X2 545 at ~£67 will be what to look for. They both have a chance of being able to unlock to a quad core with the motherboard listed below.
    Motherboard: Asrock M3A790GXH ~£62 Seems to have pretty decent reviews for an Asrock budget orientated board. However I cannot find any info of whether or not this board will support the 6core processors (Thuban) that AMD will release.
    RAM: G.Skill 4GB 1333mhz CL8 ~£96
    HDD: Samsung F3 500GB ~£39
    PSU: OCZ StealthXStream 400W ~£33
    Graphics card: Unfortunately you won't be able to fit a graphics card that is much better than the integrated graphics in your budget so you'd have to wait.
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