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Thread: anyone know when amd are going to drop there prices?

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    anyone know when amd are going to drop there prices?

    Just asking if anyone knows when they'll drop the prices as 6 cores are coming out soon, ie 2 weeks?

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    Re: anyone know when amd are going to drop there prices?

    What makes you think they will?

    There's absolutely no need for AMD to cut prices as they are performance competitive at their current prices. The new processors will fit in at the top end of the existing range, priced between the X4 965 BE and the Intel Core i7s. The only interesting new processor, from a pricing point of view, will be the new quad core - it has better features than the incumbent range, but I believe it will have a lower stock clock than the 965, so they'll have to decide where it's going to fit in.

    The only reason for AMD to cut prices after the new x6 are released is if Intel cuts the price of its i7s - and by that point we're into utter speculation...

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