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Thread: Anyone seen or tried these new laser pico projectors?

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    Anyone seen or tried these new laser pico projectors?

    Are they worth the $500-600 people are charging for them?

    Engadget Article:

    (sorry can't post links yet)

    Found a picture of someone using it online:

    (sorry can't post links yet)

    I think another company Microvision also has one. I'm really curious about them but no one seems to have them... Been asking on a couple of forums already, I want to get some real feedback from normal guys

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    Re: Anyone seen or tried these new laser pico projectors?

    My friend who works for a large IT company says they are awful and only sell as a gimick. They have said avoid them at all costs. They have limited power which means they are only good in very dark rooms (not my opinion as I have never seen one, jut what I have heard). Your better of buying a small portable projector.

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