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Thread: Networking Gurus, in here please :)

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    Networking Gurus, in here please :)

    So, seems like the Netgear WGPS606 I've used for a number of years has given up the ghost.

    Network goes a little something like this:

    ADSL Line - Sky Wireless Modem/Router ) ) ) ( ( ( Netgear WGPS 606 - PC/WHS/360/PS3

    So, quite a handy little box - and means the Modem/Router can be on the master phone socket

    Question is, what do I replace it with?

    I could just buy another, however the main downsides as far as I can tell are it is stuck at 54g, and 100mb Ethernet. So no Wireless N or GbE.

    Or, I guess I could use a Wireless bridge and some form of GbE switch? Or has there been a new product along the lines of the Netgear which incorporates faster wireless and GbE?

    What would you guys do?

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    Re: Networking Gurus, in here please :)

    Not a networking guru, but...

    Seems like your devices are connecting to the Internet using Wireless LAN and to each other via the 100Mb ethernet switch in the WGPS606

    You will definitley see improvement in speeds between PC and Server for example if you get a Gigabit Switch.

    Which leaves you with how to connect to the Internet. If the Sky modem router is Wireless N compliant then you can just get individual wireless N client devices for each of your machines and connect them individually (wirelessly) to the Sky modem/router

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    Re: Networking Gurus, in here please :)

    Depends on your budget, but I'd go for a Draytek 2820 and a separate gigabyte switch if I was using more than one wired computer.

    Which is more or less what I use at present, except that I use a 2800 but onlt very occasionally use wireless - so the n capability isn't really that important to me. (the 2800 doesn't have a gigabit port, but as it is only the internet gateway, and all te other machines are connected to the gigabit switch, it isn't an issue.)

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