oh well was looking forward to this.

As a follow up to the news of new AMD processors covering various price points, our contact over at AMD has provided the following information:

"While there are indeed engineering CPU samples floating around of a 4-core Thuban 960T, I do not expect that processor will be released for general availability. Perhaps it may make its way to OEMs by special request, but that remains to be seen."

This is, to us, interesting news. A lot of AMD motherboard manufacturers have jumped on the core unlocking bandwagon, so that processors that are manufactured with more processors but have some turned off due to defects or to fill cheaper price points can potentially be unlocked. Thus any processor built on a quad core process but retails with three cores, could potentially have another core unlocked - such as the Phenom II X3 720 could be unlocked to the Phenom II X4 920. But, unlocking cores is a function of the processor itself - given the close price points of all the unlockable processors, it has always been suggested that you should by the processor you want, rather than the potential of unlocking cores which may or may not be possible.