I have had enough of the TMS-200 bugs, the flipping controller card squeels its tits off until the software kicks in due to bugs that 3 firmware revisions cannot totally fix! so it looks like RMA for refund is my only option now as firmware is not user flashable should they release another fix! (this is recent as it worked fine for the 1st few weeks of its life)

this leaves me with a problem as i do not want to manually control my pumps and fans

the problem is i am looking to control at least 6 fans (10 would be nice) and 2 DDC 18w pumps. and i would really like to do this from windows !

i like the koolance software as you can set various profiles for all attached kit, in my case its as follows

10 temp sensors,
2 flow meters
2 pumps (DDC-18w)
6 fans (1 fan header controls 3 140mm Noctua fans and another controls 3 120mm noctua fans)

so, anyone have any ideas ?

(this is what i have in windows, its great when it works!)