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Thread: To the user call agent

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    To the user call agent

    After closing my post I can't send you a message because YOUR INBOX IS FULL!!!!!
    So i thought I'd post it here. Can someone please forward it to him? How one sided, you close posts, and we can't complain.

    re the post

    I just added the signature because other people had Microsoft ones, so I thought I may as well add that. Otherwise it gets complicated when referring to computers as mine and theirs, people can see I fix computers then.

    Also i'm not a business, I'm a sole trader. I enjoy fixing computers so since finishing uni 2 years ago I've just been working for myself fixing computer. Sooner rather than later I'll get a proper job, but I quite enjoy learning.

    In refer to the rest of what you said, lets look at my last post shall we, where I seemed to be the first person to notice a problem with a Tmobile dongle:
    and have been helping a guy with his problem, and informing others on how to solve it. Obviously this is not the kind of information you want. No problem, I'll use another forum.

    Goodbye Hexus

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    Re: To the user call agent


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    Re: To the user call agent

    PM box is sorted - feel free to message if you like.

    People with advertising links in their sig will have had permission. When I edited your sig I left clear instructions on how to do this. It's really a very simple process and in a lot of cases, it's a simple 'yes'.

    Furthermore, if you'd read my post again you'll see I said "almost". I went and checked your posts over the last year or so, and the vast majority were asking for help with computer you are trying to fix.
    A simple "Show all threads by this user" quite clearly shows that you're using HEXUS mostly to earn a few quid.

    It's good to see you enjoy learning, but it's not fair to have peoples machines, expect HEXUS members to provide solutions for a lot of these (go and look at the threads you have created and the answers) and then make a few quid out of it.
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    And by trying to force me to like small pants, they've alienated me.

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