Hi, I haven't bought a new PC for years, and it seems that Pentium II's aren't around anymore!

Anyway, I want a decent PC that has decent gaming ability, without being ridiculously expensive, and may have found one from Arbico for about £500!
These are the specs;

* Windows 7 Capable PC
* EZ Cool MA661 Black/Silver Case
* 1 x 120mm Standard Case Fan
* Intel Pentium Dual Core E6500 2.93GHz x 2 CPU
* Asus P5KPL-AM Motherboard
* Choice of nVidia GTS 250 512MB OR nVidia 9800GT 1GB PCI Express Graphics Card
* 4GB Crucial PC6400 800MHz DDR2 Ram
* 500GB 7200rpm SATA II Hard Drive
* 22x Dual Layer DVD +/- Rewriter
* Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio
* Choice of Windows: 7 Home Premium OR Vista Home Premium OR XP Home With Original CD
* Quiet Xilence 480W Dual 12V Rail PSU

What I want to know, is; is this any good? Also, which of those two graphics cards is better (all reviews seem to say they are basically the same!)