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Thread: GFX Card heatpipe touching Mobo heatsink

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    GFX Card heatpipe touching Mobo heatsink

    Well I wasn't expecting any clearance issues but having just installed an MSI Hawk 5770 into a Gigabyte P55-UD4 there is absolutly none between one of the pipes from the hawk and the sink on the mobo for the P55 chip itself. The card is seated fine (just) and there was a nice *clink* of metal onto metal as I inserted it - no damage done though.

    Anything to be concerned about? I would imagine that, if anything, cooling for the P55 chip will suffer. I haven't checked temps yet but I'll be keeping an eye on things over the next few weeks.

    Incidentally I can't find any mention of anyone experiencing issues like this before. I can't be the only UD4+Hawk owner

    It's a shame the other PCIe is only 8x, no issue with that one.

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    Re: GFX Card heatpipe touching Mobo heatsink

    I doubt it would make much if any difference to the temps.

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