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Thread: The difference a tube makes

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    The difference a tube makes

    Firstly, I'll start with a question.

    The EK multioption reservior... what are the internal tubes supposed to be used for?

    My first foray into watercooling hasn't been without mishap, and for the last week of testing the seals in the system, I've been hampered by air locks. No matter how I filled the system, titled the pc, pulsed the pump... it sounded like I had a water feature in the computer room!

    In desperation, I opened up the res and removed the internal tube dropping down from the top; hey presto, instaflush!

    Now I just need to buy the computer components (only have AM3 mobo thus far) and I'm in business!

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    Re: The difference a tube makes

    I'm no expert on watercooling, but looking at the pics of the reservoir, Id say taht if it is mounted with the inlet and outlet at the bottom, the internal tube would be used for the return (and if the reservoir isn't full, to give a fountain effect) with suction at the lowest point. If it was mounted with the barbs at the top, then suction would be via the tube so it sucks from the bottom to avoid air ingress, and return would be at the top.

    However I see it has an option for a put at the non barb end, so I would think that it should be mounted with the barbs at the bottom, and a fill port installed in the top.

    But I don't own one of these - this is just by going through the mfrs and a couple of other sites. As aleways, Google is your friend!

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