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Thread: Non original manufacturer batteries

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    Non original manufacturer batteries


    I must have some rotten luck with these unbranded "compatible" batteries, my latest attempt to save pennies by choosing an unbranded battery has once again ended in disappointment, it's the fourth unbranded battery I bought and the fourth that's defective.

    In all cases except 3), the batteries were delivered fully charged and were then discharged while the machine was operating normally. After that, the problems are as described:

    1) Acer Aspire 5051 - Held charge for minutes after a few days
    2) HP TC1100 - Didn't fit (battery was the right one but a manufacturing fault stopped it from slotting in)
    3) HP TC1100 - Refused to charge after a day
    4) Dell Latitude TX2 - Not recognised

    What are your experiences with unbranded batteries? Good or bad I’d like to hear from you.


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    Re: Non original manufacturer batteries

    they do say you get what you pay for, i even have that luck with branded batteries, brought genuine motorola batteries for my old V3i phone and both have gone south after a month, cheap crap is either really crap or old defunct stock that wont hold a charge.

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    Re: Non original manufacturer batteries

    Depends where you buy them. Get them from a UK based retailer so you have some comeback and the chances are you will be OK. Any of the big name retailers aren't going to risk their reputation with a batch of dodgy batteries.

    On the other hand buy off an auction site (for example) or a Far East source and you are upping the risk. The batteries can't be tested (by you) before you buy, they are easy to counterfeit. They are a disposable relatively high value item - so they are ripe for scams. The same is true for items like flash memory - how do you know what you ae getting until it arrives? Even 'branded' tems sourced from an unknown supplier may be suspect.

    Buying an aftermarket battery in the UK may cost more, but there is a better chance of getting what you expected, and a better chance of redress if you don't.

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    Re: Non original manufacturer batteries

    Work bought me an unbranded replacement Toshiba battery... the original lasted me about 3 hours to start with, this one lasted me one hour. Now it lasts about 5 minutes, and I've barely used it. It just cuts the power straightaway, doesn't give me any warning.

    It took me a while to figure this out, by which time we didn't have any comeback with the supplier. But (giving Purchasing department etc) it'll have come from a bona fide supplier, not eBay.

    OTOH a 'compatible' Nokia BL-5C battery from 7dayshop seems to be holding out fine.

    Anyone recommend a good supplier for laptop batteries?

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