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Thread: acer laptop screen white and grey

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    acer laptop screen white and grey

    Hi, could anyone give me a little advice. I have an acer travelmate 2490 laptop and it worked fine for almost 4 years. then one day i switched it on and the power indicator came on and it sounded like it was starting up with fan and drives making all the usual noises. When it started up the screen appears to be white from the top down to just over half ways and the bottom half of the screen has vertical greyish lines running through it. No icons or anything appear on the screen and then i have to switch it off via the power button and when i start it up again sometimes it comes up, start in safe mode seems to appear in a redish colour but fades away quite rapidly and i cannot start it up in safe mode.

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    Re: acer laptop screen white and grey

    Hi assessor77, and welcome to HEXUS. Best place to get advice on your problem is over in the section (or a mod might move your post there if they're around).

    Hope you get sorted.

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