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Thread: PRICE CHECK ==> Custom Mini-ITX server ~5.5TB <==

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    PRICE CHECK ==> Custom Mini-ITX server ~5.5TB <==

    Custom Mini-ITX Server.


    Mobo: Intel D945GCLF2 "Little Falls 2" [2x SATA, 1x ATA]
    CPU: Dual-Core Atom 330 1.6Ghz
    NIC: 1x GigE Ethernet
    RAM: 1GB DDR2 667Mhz [Max. 2GB]
    PSU: Morex 200W
    Case: Modded Morex 668
    OS HDD: 40GB ATA IBM Travelstar
    OS: OpenFiler 2.3
    Backplane: Jou-Jye ST-3051SS SATA/SAS 5in3
    SATA Controller: Silicon Image SIL3114 [4x SATA]
    HDDs: 3x Samsung HD154UI [1.5TB], 2x Samsung HD103UJ [1TB]
    HDD Config: RAID0 - ~5.5TB

    Case has been:

    Chopped by me to remove few bits and pieces,
    Powder-coated in matt black [inside/outside],
    PSU braided to improve airflow as space is tight,
    Custom face plate got laser-cutted by Andy [Thanks!]
    Custom bracket made to take the 6th HDD [Data and Power cables are in place],
    Case feets are the Lian-Li ones, golden,
    OS HDD is fitted by using special PCI bracket [see pics]

    Stock case if someone is interested how it looked like ==> Morex 668

    So to summarise, this can take 5 hot-swappable drives + 1 non-swappable inside [so 6 in total]
    OS HDD is IBM ATA drive to separate OS from DATA drives [in case of OS drive failure]
    OpenFiler 2.3 is pre-installed but you can choose any OS you like


    What do you guys think its worth?

    Contemplating selling it all together but unsure about the price... [it might end up here in Classified or on eBay at some point but its against the rules to list an item without a price tho...]



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    Re: PRICE CHECK ==> Custom Mini-ITX server ~5.5TB <==

    Guys, I'm gonna eBay this but need a price...

    Give your best shot!


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    • jim's system
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      • Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z
      • CPU:
      • i5 2500K @ 4.5GHz
      • Memory:
      • 8GB Corsair Vengeance LP
      • Storage:
      • 1TB Sandisk SSD
      • Graphics card(s):
      • ASUS GTX 970
      • PSU:
      • Corsair AX650
      • Case:
      • Silverstone Fortress FT03
      • Operating System:
      • 8.1 Pro
      • Monitor(s):
      • Dell S2716DG
      • Internet:
      • 10 Mbps ADSL

    Re: PRICE CHECK ==> Custom Mini-ITX server ~5.5TB <==

    I paid approx £500-600 for something very similar from Tranquil, but obviously it was prebuilt, came with a warranty, and had a Windows Home Server license. And, I would say, it looks a little bit better aesthetically. Today, you could get it for £480, with 2GB RAM and a 500GB HDD.

    Complete stab in the dark, but I think £300 would be optimistic bearing all of that in mind.

    Then we've got to consider the hard drives.

    HD10UJ worth about £35 each, HD154UI worth about £45, again maybe a little optimistic.

    So £70 + £130 = £200 for the drives.

    Consdering you're selling everything together, take a bit off, so maybe £450 for the lot, on a good day? Could easily be closer to £400. It's very hard to gauge, but I think the SQA-5H is the nearest comparison to what you're selling, so it's probably the best yardstick.

    I have to say, I feel like I'm overvaluing it, but it is a well-built, attractive piece of kit.

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