My Creative G500 speakers have finally completely died on me after a year or so of problems with them turning off randomly (common issue, due to Creative using a bad part in the circuitry of the subwoofer). Of course, since they are out of warranty, Creative couldn't care less - so I'm stuck with buying new speakers.

Problem is, the offerings from the likes of Logitech and Creative are all more basic than the G500 speakers, and I want my new speakers to sound at least as good as the G500's.

I posted about this a while back, and I got some excellent advice here. I've done a bit more research, and I've found this set:


Problem is, I have absolutely no way of comparing these speakers to the ones I have (other than purchasing, listening, and returning them if I don't like what I hear). The only specifications I can look at for comparison are the frequency response and the signal to noise ratio (and the latter is measured in so many different ways it's practically useless).

Any ideas on how these would sound compared to my Creative speakers?

I would be very appreciative of alternate suggestions if you have them - but I would rather stick with something that will take analogue inputs and doesn't require a decoding station, as I will be doing all the decoding on the PC.