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Thread: Components - Risk of Damage?

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    Components - Risk of Damage?

    Hi to All!

    Basically my worry is that I picked up some components from a mates and by accident (totally forgot) to take them out the boot of the car, when I remembered next morning (so they were in there for around 16 hours), took them out immediately but saw there was condensation on the HDD and a DVD Rewriter. Same goes for my 20" monitor, so what do I do?

    I dabbed down the HDD and DVD writer but still saw some condensation on it but had to get to work, the monitor I still haven't had a chance to look at.

    Could I have damaged the components?
    If I was to install them into my rig could I take out my rigs components?
    Should I leave them out in the open in the room where the rig where these items are to go (room is quite cold too as a radiator needs replacing in here) so as for them to settle down/hit the room temps?

    I'd appreciate your opinions and wisdom on what to do with these items, thank you!

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    Re: Components - Risk of Damage?

    If you let them heat up again, the water should evaporate again and everything, I suspect, should be fine - unless water has somehow become trapped somewhere, which seems very unlikely.

    The big risk with stuff like that is when you turn it on, since the water can cause shorts and all sorts of other damage.

    I would leave it as long as possible to evaporate, make sure it's absolutely and utterly clear, and then cross your fingers. If you've got some test parts rather than your main rig, it's probably worth using them.

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