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    17" TFT

    Had my 15" tft for 6 month nd finally found there is a loose connection at the back of it causing the screen too shut off. I love the monitor and am well within my rights too have it fixed. But also within my rights too get a refund and maybe see this as an opportunity too upgrade too 17". Budget of £280. Also is it worth the extra cash. More chance of dead pixels. What sore of response time should i be looking for seen as i am well into gaming, 14ms????
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    Like us several retailers offer 12ms models such as the Hyundai ImageQuest L70S, I beleive Benq also have a 12ms model maybe 767 V2 I think?

    When you buy keep an eye out for how the response time is measured, many manufactuers are being a bit sneaky and listing the riseing time only, when the true value is riseing + falling (tr/tf).

    For example the Benq (sell around £269 inc) has a rising time of 16ms and a fall of 9ms giving you a total of 25ms.

    With regards to warranty most suppliers/manufactuers well be obliged to give you a replacement unit or a repair outside of the first month, so if you want a credit/refund you may have to push hard for it.

    All the big panel manufactuers conform to the same ISO_13406_2 standard with regards to pixel defects. You cant really guarantee getting a fault free unit without visiting a shop and seing it being demod I guess.

    Good luck with your new purchase.

    Gladiator Computers (Derby, UK)

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