My current headset has unfortunately fallen to pieces even after soldering it back together for a month or two. It had it's own audio processor and connected to the computer via a USB so I was able to select it as an independent device which was extremely helpful when gaming as I could have the game sounds come through my speakers and my mates on skype come through the headset to ensure I can hear them well.

I have been looking at the Razer Carcharias but this has two 3.5mm jacks. There is the Razer Megalodon which has it's own audio processor and USB but is quite expensive compared to the Carcharias. I'm pretty sure one of these two are the ones I want as they are very comfortable but I'm not sure whether the Carcharias with a 3.5mm to USB adapter would do what my old headset would or if I need the Megalodon? Any help would be much appreciated.