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Thread: SSDs on AMD Chipsets

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    SSDs on AMD Chipsets

    I've been involved in a thread on the Corsair forum about the Microsoft AHCI driver versus the AMD AHCI driver and SSD performance.

    It was a question I asked on here a while back with little or no response. I thought I'd post the link on here in case others find it useful.

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    Re: SSDs on AMD Chipsets

    That's interesting. There was a similar thread here not long ago.

    There is some comparisons there using AS-SSD.
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    Re: SSDs on AMD Chipsets

    I'd avoid using the AMD drivers and stick with the Microsoft. TRIM commands are important for the long term importance of the drives, and at least when Windows 7 launched it wasn't clear if the Intel or AMD drivers would block TRIM commands. As a result I've avoided them since.

    My information may well be out of date though, I've not kept up with the cutting edge of SSDs for about a year - for all I know AMD and/or Intel may have clearly said that they don't block, but I've not seen it.

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