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Thread: htpc parts

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    htpc parts

    have just gotten hold of one of these

    now i intend to finally get that htpc built that I've wanted to do for ages. now need some help with the spec. will need

    cpu - needs to be am3
    hdd - 2 1tb or 1 2tb drive
    & a sff or htpc case

    now one thing i ask is this, are there any passive cards that will carry sound over hdmi for a reasonable price? prefer possessive but active will also work. not looking to spend the earth but value for money.

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    Re: htpc parts

    Video card wise look at the ATI 5450. It can be fitted in full or small height cases, and will accelerate your 1080p video over HDMI whilst bitstreaming the HD audio at the same time. Passive too - mine (an XFX I think) was about £40 at the time I got it.

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