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Thread: Monitor display cuts out?

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    Monitor display cuts out?

    I bought a monitor and at first glance it seems fine, no dead pixels and screen resolution is fine. However, after a second, the display cuts out and the screen is black. If I turn the monitor off and on again or plug it out of the pc and back in again then the display comes back again for about a second.

    It only has VGA input. Now the first thing I'm thinking is the VGA cable? Is there any chance it can be faulty. Unfortunately I didn't have a spare VGA cable so didn't try yet although I know there's probably one lying in the house somewhere. Or am I totally wrong in thinking the fault is in the cable and perhaps it is with the monitor itself? It's odd though as the monitor does not have any signs of damage and seems to be in very good condition and has no sounds or anything that signals it's broken.

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    Re: Monitor display cuts out?

    The quickest way to tell is to try a different monitor with your system obviously, but you may not have the resources available. If it was an old monitor that you had been using for a while when this happened, I would say it had developed a fault. But if its a new monitor, recently connected, it may just be a configuration issue. Try a different cable first, if nothing try a different monitor.

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