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Thread: Next Generation Shuttles

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    Next Generation Shuttles

    Hi guys

    Just thought I'd post about something I read the other day, concerning Shuttle's next-gen. XPCs ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Digi-Times
    The new small form factor PCs marketed by Taiwan-based Shuttle will have an ASP (average selling price) of around US$300 ...

    The products, to be introduced in June, will have an ASP about 30% higher than current high-end SFF systems available on the market, said the sources.

    The cost of the LGA775 connector used in the new P4 architecture is more than US$6 per unit, which is four times more expensive than the existing 478-pin connector, the sources explained. In addition, the prices for chipsets supporting PCI Express are more expensive than currently used chips.
    I'd quite fancy a Shuttle running a PCI-Express graphics card and an Intel LGA775-socket processor, although I shudder to think of the cost when the products are first released

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    according to here Iwill will release a Dual Opteron SFF using nForce3 Pro 250Gb chipset. SFF certainly is becoming more n more interesting each day

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