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Thread: Revised P67 Boards

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    Revised P67 Boards

    I've noticed that bit-tech have a note on their current buyers guide stating that it's a risk buying a revised p67 board at the moment due to them not having tested the new boards.

    What does everyone else think? I want to get my system built asap and Scan seem to have some half decent deals on right now. Worth waiting for tests or grab one now?

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    Re: Revised P67 Boards

    It's your call. They'd tested the first lot of boards and look what happened. If there's a problem with the board you're not really going to be any worse off than people who bought in January. Depends on your personal preference - are you naturally cautious, and will be unable to forgive yourself if you have to return it should a problem arise. I reckon buy the board, but ultimately the choice is yours.

    I might however be tempted to wait for the Z series boards to come out - they will be better than the P and H series.

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    Re: Revised P67 Boards

    I personally will be taking the plunge this week with the revised boards. I'm hoping that they won't have made the same mistake twice...

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