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    DVD stuff....


    Just say I had downloaded some large mpegs or avi's and I wanted to burn them to cd/dvd to play on my DVD standalone player attached to my TV, how is best to do that? I am fairly sure that my player supports mpeg files at least but how do i burn the mpeg to the cd/dvd? I mean what options, format etc do i select?

    Am i best downloading them in .nrg or .sio format to get the whole image rather than a compressed movie?

    Thanks and sorry for my ignorance. (these questions are for my dad and seeing as i've never needed to do that myself I don;t know the answer!)


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    Well if you download the images then you know all you have to do is write them to the disc. Where as with the video files you will have to resize the video files to suitable sizes and write create the video discs using each section of video, using an appropriate program.

    The problem with downloading the images is that I have found alot dont seem to work, maybe its something to do with Ntsc and PAl format ?
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