I've just upgraded my pc to the GA-870A-USB3 (Rev 3.1) motherboard with AMD X6 1090T and Corsair Vengeance RAM.

It has been running fine all day until I decided to leave it a while and put it into standby (S3), came back and it didn't resume from either keyboard or power button presses. Even after flicking the switch on and off It still wouldn't power up. I managed to power it on after re-inserting the 24pin connector.

Upon starting I got a "Main bios checksum error" message and the bios was recovered, it then continued to startup. I checked all the bios settings and could not find anything out of the ordinary. I then tried standby again and it did the same thing all over again.

The board has the latest bios and I'm using windows 7 64bit. I'm wondering if there is a cause for this or if it is a faulty motherboard. I use standby often so I would very much like to have the functionality.

Thanks to anyone that can help