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    how muh airflow is required for a XPbarton 2800 (non-overclocked) in shuttle heat pipe. Would the 25cfm acoustifan be satisfactory. Or would i be better going with a 30/32 cfm noiseblocker (or coolink).

    The system is run at stock with 512mb ram, samsung 120gb 7200 rpm, onboard graphics (no gaming) and std. shuttle PSU(which actually seems to be quite quiet).

    Beacause of above could i also get away with the zalman passive heatsink on the northbridge, or should i consider using a resistor on current fan.

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    Well I have a P4 3Ghz with a 17cfm panaflo fan and the temps are fine, so i gues the quietest fan you mentioned should be fine.

    However you could go with the more powerful noiseblocker just to be on the safe side and use a fan mate to slow down the fan to your requirements:

    I would not reccomend using a passive northbridge because you have onboard graphics enabled (which kicks out extra heat on the northbridge)
    I chose to use a resister as you suggested and now the fan is completely inaudiable!

    If you want to go as quiet as possible get a passive graphics card e.g radeon 9600 and then you can get the passive northbridge.

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