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Thread: Help me choose decent 2.1 speakers!

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    Help me choose decent 2.1 speakers!

    As title really, will be selling my trusty Logitech X-530 5.1s to cover some of the cost - after realising I've never had a satellite positioned behind me since buying them off someone on the For Sale forums a good while back. Want to remove the cables and clutter!

    I'm looking at spending about £60-£70. Obviously not going to get anything amazing for that price, but to be honest I do most of my gaming and serious audio listening through a Xonar d2x and Sennheiser HD 595's anyway. More for daytime listening and movie watching with the other half, and some party noise. Although it would be nice to have comparable/better quality audio!

    Pre-emptive thanks!
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    Re: Help me choose decent 2.1 speakers!

    Take a look at creative series 2 t40's, very impressive.

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