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Thread: eSATA to SATA problem

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    eSATA to SATA problem

    I have one of these above that am using to expand my SATA connections, the first three inside SATA ports are all connected to two HDD's and one DVD burner.

    I'm using the ESATA connection that is outside and running it back inside the case to connect to a Hot Swap drive to get an other HDD working.

    But it's not working, no drive is being detected in BIOS or anywhere else on the computer, but the HDD does work everywhere else, swapped other SATA connections and it detects it, the Hot Swap is working fine. I only have two ESATA cables and used them both and still nothing is working. The HDD does get power, I can hear it spinning up.

    I'm using Windows 7 64bit with the latest lycom drivers for the ST125.

    I didn't setup RAID or anything else, no real setup at all, just connected the cables for the HDD's to the HDD controller and everything shows up in My Computer.

    Also, my motherboard ESATA port has the same problem, tired that and nothing worked, my motherboard is an ASUS P5K Pro.

    This is the first time I'm using ESATA so not sure what is wrong?

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    Re: eSATA to SATA problem

    usually the external port will mirror one of the internal ones and there will probably be dipswitches on the card to change. have a google of the model number to find how

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