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Thread: Indispensable PPC/Palm Programs

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    Lightbulb Indispensable PPC/Palm Programs

    Okay, here's a potential Sticky

    Which programs do you find utterly impossible to be without on your handheld device? (Oi! None of that you dirty-minded herberts!)

    For me it'd be:
    WiFiFoFum - A very nifty little wifi networks detector, especially in my case as it's about the only thing that will prod my wi-fi connection into life..

    SPB Pocket Plus - Incredibly useful little set of utilities, the X button actually closes applications rather than just minimising them, the today plugin which enables you to put shortcuts in a useful place, along with battery and storage meters. and multiple PocketIE tweaks (fullscreen mode, multiple windows, Save As, etc etc)

    PocketMVP - Replaces Pocket Media Player quite nicely, also supports a lot more formats.

    Over to the hordes

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    PocketMVP is great, although it does crash if you try to flick between mp3s too quickly and divx playback aint the best but it works.
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    The iSilo document reader, No idea what its like on the Windows-on-a-pocket-calcultor boxes though, as I'm a PalmOS addict!

    Maybe a peruse at the Astraware website would be a good idea, some pretty good games at not unreasonable prices! (end of plug)


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