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Thread: Need 2 rigs, what to do?!

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    Question Need 2 rigs, what to do?!

    EDIT: Sorted, well, maybe, watch this space!!

    Warning: Confused ramblings ahead....

    I have my current rig:

    X6 1055T
    Asus M3N78-VM (AM2+ / DDR2)
    3x2GB DDR2

    I'd like to end up with 2, one for my main PC - gaming/encoding etc
    The other for F@H & BTC mining - Crossfire would be nice

    I figure I could either just buy all the bits for the 2nd PC...


    Buy an AM3 (+?) mobo, some DDR3 and whack my X6 in (would this be any sort of performance boost?)

    Then I could use my old mobo/DDR2 and just buy a cheap case/PSU and an X2/X3 for my folding rig. (but no XF)


    Flog my X6, buy a cheap X2/X3 for my folding rig and go Sandybridge for my main PC (to be fair I don't really need the power the X6 gives me so this might not be the best option, it'll certainly be expensive) (but no XF)

    I'd like to keep things cheap if poss but it's not a big deal as long as the gains are worth it.

    So, any suggestions?!

    Cheers folks!

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