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Thread: 2nd Monitor Advice Please...?

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    2nd Monitor Advice Please...?


    Currently running:

    Q6600 G0
    8800GTS OC'd

    Monitor: SyncMaster 2443BW

    So I have the 24" already and would like a second monitor, however money is short at the moment so I can't afford a second 2443BW! Or even another 24"...

    I see that it's OK to run dual monitors at different resolutions and screen sizes but I can't see what problems if any this may cause...

    For instance, would it be possible to run Eve Online in window mode on the 24inc at full res 1920x1200 and have another 20" (2043BW) with a res 1680 x 1050 running an internet browser/ or windows media player ???

    Would that work OK, the connectors be OK for the GPU too???!?!?

    I'm looking on Fleabay at the moment as I don't mind second hand. My limit is £70
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      • Asus Maximus V Gene
      • CPU:
      • Intel i5 3570K + Corsair H80i
      • Memory:
      • Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz
      • Storage:
      • Plextor M5 Pro Extreme 256GB SSD
      • Graphics card(s):
      • Asus GTX 560 Ti 384 DirectCU II TOP
      • PSU:
      • CM Silent Pro M 700W
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      • Silverstone FT03 Titanium
      • Operating System:
      • Window 7 64bit
      • Monitor(s):
      • BenQ XL2420T / Dell U2412M

    Re: 2nd Monitor Advice Please...?

    You can have two screens on different resolutions, but for aesthetics I would wait to get one with the same size and saresolution
    If its Fleebay I think you might find a 24" for around that price, maybe even try Gumtree.

    Saw on HotUKDeals that dell is doing a recycle deal:

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    Re: 2nd Monitor Advice Please...?

    Well the 2nd monitor wont be for spanning one game over 2 monitors.

    It's just to have an extra area to view internet/ movies/ music etc while the main 24" screen is doing the gaming.

    Update: I just bought a 20" (Sycnmaster 2043BW) for £60, bargain...

    Can anyone let me know the best way to go about setting this up to have one desktop showing but spanning both with just the windows bar on the main screen? Is that possible?????

    I literally just want the smaller monitor to be extra space for the above purpose, to drag windows onto.

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