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Thread: WHS 2011 and PC World Mini-ITX bundle

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    WHS 2011 and PC World Mini-ITX bundle

    just wondering weather these 2 would be good as a little home server for some itunes stuff some movie hosting.

    windows home server 2011 from Here £37
    PC world mini-ITX bundle here £60

    for under £100 it gives me a low power server for up to 6TB (i keep reading that WHS has problems over 3TB on a drive)

    i realise that an atom board aint gonna be that quick, but with 2GB in it, gigabit networking it should be better than most NAS boxes should it?

    any thoughts??

    anything i might have missed (WHS = 64bit, atom = ??)


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    Re: WHS 2011 and PC World Mini-ITX bundle

    Good prices there. Shame the WHS is the new one. At that price, I'd have one if it was the old version.

    As for using them together, I know nothing in any detail of that bundle, I'm afraid.

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    Re: WHS 2011 and PC World Mini-ITX bundle

    Hi, i got one of those HP Servers (you'll see them in shopping forum > Bargains) got first deal well back (can't remember where i saw it), don't know if cash back is still on? could be. Worked out about £108, but that with case & HDD docks. Still ain't set it up, most seem to bothered about RAID, but i normally just back up 1 HDD to another. Funny someone just posted, in at least one thread:-

    Big threads all over, Overclockers etc etc. Freenas, Unbuntu, WHS etc etc, lots seem good, if some a bit over the knowledge base i have, not hard for that. Was going to try unbuntu server (& prob go on a bigger learning curve), but thanks for posting think i'll try this (every other price, not being in the know as been expensive). Lots do seem to like orig WHS, especially due to Drive Extender, which must be good, but some negatives as well. But a few running WHS 2011 & they seem OK with it, software raiding even. Tweaked up 2008 by what peeps say ? But looks or feels like Win7.

    Think this was one of the very early posts about the HP Server:-

    Some have turned the HP into a HTCP as well, mind i do like that PC World deal as well, but come up at a diff time

    Cheers BOB

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