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Thread: O/Cing on a 2500K

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    O/Cing on a 2500K

    Hi all just built an i5 2500K watercooled rig and wondered what sort speed, temps volts etc I should be seeing/using. Motherboard is a MSI P67A GD65

    Currently have got it up to 5Ghz on 1.37v but when stress testing it I've noticed the voltage reported is 1.41v. Temps at this o/c don't go above 68c and it seems to be stable i.e. it'll prime all day long and pass OCCT tests but all i've done is wacked up the voltage and not played with any other settings. Is this all I need to do??? Overclocking never used to be this easy so is there anything else I should be doing or aware of?? Basically looking for a 24/7 overclock that isn't going to kill the cpu prematurely, I had heard that when o/cing Sandybridge cpus you shouldn't go above 1.4vs for extended periodsof time.

    Thoughts and advice welcome.



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    Re: O/Cing on a 2500K

    Lower then that, overclockers reported dead chips at 1.35-1.38v, those were the first batch of chips though so they should be a tad better now, personally I'd find the highest overclock on stock voltage and stick to that myself.

    I won't link to the overclockers thread but its in the forums under CPUs at the top.

    Also try intelburntest, its a tad more brutal then prime95 and gives you a more accurate reading faster.

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