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I'm assuming the demand for 58xx by Bitcoin miners (and lack of supply) has driven the prices up, but it's counter-productive paying that much more, especially considering how bitcoins are harder to mine now. I mean 5870s are on sale for >£300 now??? Unless you need that exact card for a system for whatever reason, why on Earth would you pay that much?
I would suggest that if they are on sale for over £300 it's a failure to drop prices over time above all.

They are definitely good for mining, but only because they're so much cheaper than the 6 series, and roughly the same speed.

I bought some brand new for £125 each very recently, and sold them for £100 each second hand, so nobody's paying £300+, even if sites are listing them for that amount.

Especially when Bitcoin mining is a profit centred business, starting off with a heavily overpriced card will kill any hope of making money.