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Thread: OCZ vertex2 in Raid 0 question

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    OCZ vertex2 in Raid 0 question

    I have a gigabyte X58A UD3R mobo and i am wondering where best to install the raid 0 array: On the Intel ICH10 ports (0-5) or the gigabyte ports (ports 8-9). I have my cdrom/dvd writer and HDD on the ICH10 ports and i am wondering if it is not better for performance sake to install the raid on the two gigabyte ports (uses a gigabyte controller)? Will other devices on my ICH10 ports affect the array performance and if so should i use a dedicated controller like gigabytes to set up the array? conversely, should i move the cd roma and hdd onto prots 8 and 9 and set up the array on ports 0-1? Or does it even matter? Has anyone done this with this mobo? Has anyone had any issues with the intel or gigabyte controllers or heard of issues? Cheers!

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    Re: OCZ vertex2 in Raid 0 question

    The Sata 3 ports are not recommended for Raid 0 of Sata 3 drives:

    I've only done this on Asus boards as well as a Giga UD5 (Pre - SATA 3 board) and the Intel ICH10 worked fab for me....
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    Re: OCZ vertex2 in Raid 0 question

    Intel ports certainly. There's no advantage to using the sata 3 ports because your drives are sata 2 only. Other drives also using the intel controller won't affect performance at all, there's no shortage of bandwidth on that motherboard.

    I have that same board and I stick everything on the Intel ports - the drivers are also more stable than the marvel controller drivers.

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