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Thread: BSOD Fault Finding

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    BSOD Fault Finding

    Hi there guys,

    I have two computers which are both BSODing. I was wondering if you could help me ID the faults?

    Computer 1 - MSI C45 Mobo, AMD X3 3.2G Proc, 5700 Series 1GB GFX (Cant remember if 5750 or 5770), 4GB DDR3 Ram. (all stock no OCs)
    BSOD Faults can be anything from DriverIRQLessthanornotEqualTO, KMODEexceptionnothandled, systemserviceexception and many more - I've tested the memory with Memtest86+ and got a couple of errors first time, then restarte the test and got none. I've tested the video card memory with a windows based tester and came up with a quite a few errors again but only with onscreen buffer enabled (I haven't run a full test though as it looks like it'd 24 hours but the computer is at my girlfriends).

    Computer 2 - Z68 Mobo, i7 2600k, 6950 GFX, 16GB DDR3 Ram (No overclocks or unlocks currently in place - All stock)
    I am sure the BSOD faults on this are down to my SSD, I have a 60GB Sata3 SSD as my bootdrive (I know i forgot to set raid for caching ) but the SSD randomly 'turns off' and cannot do a crashdump and wont boot until I power down the machine (Reset shows the drive is disconnected) - I think I need to update the firmware before I consider return but as windows is installed I cannot (let alone the OCZToolbox not recognising the drive altogehter) but other than occasional crashes it works fine >.< - I have set aside 100GB on my main HDD to install windows onto if I need to disconnect my SSD or reformat it.

    So any help on these faults would be greatly appreciated. Regards/ Richie
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    GFX: Sapphire HD4850/ PSU: Corsair HX520/ HD: WD 640GB w/ VibeFixer
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      • Storage:
      • Crucial SSD M4 128GB, x2 3TB WD Red, x2 6TB WD Red Pro
      • Graphics card(s):
      • MSI HD 6870 HAWK
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      • Windows 10 64 bit
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    Re: BSOD Fault Finding

    Re: Computer 2

    I had a very similar BSOD problem with my P8Z68-V Pro and Crucial M4. I had just completed my initial installation of Win 7 x64 and one or two other bits of software. The boot drive wasn't recognised half the time and my installation eventually became corrupted. As I had no data to lose, it was easier to do a fresh install than try to rescue the installation.

    Before reinstalling Windows, I installed some new Mod/Smart SATA cables which I had been waiting for and the problem hasn't arisen since. I strongly suspect that the SATA connection at the motherboard end was a bad fit.

    Since then I've had to RMA the motherboard for an entirely unrelated USB3 problem but the Crucial M4 has been excellent.

    Moral is - don't overlook basics like cheap and nasty SATA cables.

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    Re: BSOD Fault Finding

    Machine #1 - Have you tried
    Machine #2 - Sounds like a problem with the SSD that would make me go straight to an RMA. YMMV of course.
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