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Thread: PC backpack Samsonite vs North Face

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    PC backpack Samsonite vs North Face


    I am looking for some help to choose a backpack for my laptop. The backpack will be used daily and should offer good impact protection as well as good weather protection.
    Since I live in Scandinavia there will be lots of snow wintertime (the snow on the backpack will start melting as soon as I get on the bus to my office) as welll as a good deal of rain summertime (our climate is not like in southern Europe). So, the weather protection is very important. I have been looking at different models from Samsonite and also at various models from The North Face. Now, when it comes to weather protection I have noticed that the zippers on the Samsonites are fully exposed, i.e. they have no "cover" helping to protect them from rain and snow. Some of the models from The North Face on the other hand have some kind of nylon cover protecting the zippers, at least to some extent. However, Samsonite looks sturdy and durable. Do you think that Samsonite will be much inferior to the TNF when it comes to protection from rain and snow? My worry is that the zippers will leak water from rain and melting snow into the backpack. Any other suggestions? (please keep in mind that in Scandinavia we do not have the same range of products that are available in the UK or US). Could Wenger Synergy be an option?
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    Re: PC backpack Samsonite vs North Face

    I have a North Face but I don't believe they are waterproof.

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