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Thread: Upgrade Time..... Help Please!!

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    Upgrade Time..... Help Please!!

    Hey Guys,

    Well the time has come to upgrade my existing computer, Shes starting to get a little old now and I would very much appreciate the performance boost. Most of my stuff is over 4 years old now so I think I might be looking at a total new build instead of just upgrading my components (maybe I'm wrong). My total budget for a new "gaming rig" is around the £500 area. I will also be looking to upgrade my monitor at a later date to something a lot better then my Samsung.

    At present I have: Core2Duo E8500 CPU, 800w Corsair PSU, nVidia GTX 260, 4GB Corsair DDR2 XMS RAM all in an Antec 300 case. With a Samsung SyncMaster T200 monitor.

    Hope you guys are able to advise me

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Upgrade Time..... Help Please!!

    AFAIK,AMD Bulldozer is being released next week so I would wait a few more weeks until getting your upgrade.

    I assume you have a Corsair GS800 PSU?? I assume you need a copy of Windows 7 too?? If you keep the Antec 300 you can get better core components.

    I would check out the September build guide:

    I am in the process of updating it for October.

    If you even keep the case,it means you can get a Core i5 or a six core FX CPU.

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