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Thread: First overclock -have I gone wrong?

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    First overclock -have I gone wrong?

    Hi all, this is my first overclock and read quite a few guides before embarking and did a number of stress tests on stock settings, which were fine.

    I initially used the turbo mode the Asus P867Pro which set the base clock to 103 (which I turned down the 100) and set the multiplier to 45 (achieving 4.5ghz). This was fine and all stable for almost 2 hours on prime95 ā€“ great I thought. However I thought Iā€™d disable the PLL overvolt as I was getting quite low voltages with the CPU voltage set to auto ā€“ this however caused the BSOD with Prime95, so going back into the bios I turned PLL back to auto. This, however still causes the BSOD and now everytime I test with Prime95 no matter how low the multiplier I seem to get a BSOD every 20 minutes or ā€“ just wondered, could I have damaged my CPU somehow? As I did set the CPU voltage manually at first (1.35v) and got the BSOD in the Prime95 test at 4.5ghz.

    I followed a number of detailed guides carefully, but wondered if a too low a voltage could have damaged the CPU somehow? Or is it simply a case I have missed something?

    My temp are consistently good - low 60's max (62-63), so clearly not that.

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    Re: First overclock -have I gone wrong?

    Too low a voltage wouldn't damage the CPU, but all your BSOD's might have corrupted some software, leading to instability. That's not to say there wasn't some damage done before you lowered voltages though. You haven't filled in your system details in your profile so I don't know if jumping straight to 4.5ghz is a bit ambitious!

    Wipe windows and reinstall your software while running at stock everything (clear BIOS and load optimised defaults or whatever the Asus equivalent is.)

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