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Thread: color LCD kits?

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    color LCD kits?

    Hi, Im quite new to this and a year ago I built my own PC. Now I want to start making it better. I have seen many LCD kits that can display songs names, CPU temp, fan speed etc. Such as Crysatalfontz and MatrixOrbital. But I was wondering if there are colour versions of these. And how muc harder are they to set up? Do I need to know any kind of programming?

    Also, if i had a small TFT and mounted it on my PC would it be possible to use it like a second moniter, and therfore be able to display anything I wanted as long as I was running my OS (Windows 2000).

    Thanks for any help.

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    Yes to all of that, if you search around theres a post on here about a PSone LCD, its a 5 inch colour screen and they are going for like £19.99 in comet, i think you connect some wires up and it goes to a VGA port or something.

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