I am currently in the process of working out a design for a water cooling case which I am hoping to eventually sell commercially. As a result, I am looking to get an idea of the distribution of motherboard sizes in performance users' systems. I have had little luck finding relevant results online and I would therefore greatly appreciate it if you could take the time just to pick one of the options I have listed in the poll on this post.

As this case is to be designed entirely for use with a fully water cooled system (or at least with all the really big heat generating components being water cooled; CPU(s), GPU(s), motherboard etc), as the airflow through the system components would be quite minimal, I am looking to see what the distribution is among water cooling users only (or also those who intend to fully water cool their current hardware). I would therefore politely request that only users who fit into that category respond to the poll.

Also, do let me know if I have left out any options that are relevant to you. I am aware there are quite a few obscure server-orientated form factors out there that I have not included, but I am guessing that it is unlikely a significant number of users will be using these.

I will also be asking this question on other hardware forums I frequent, so if you happen to come across one of these other polls, please do also contribute by voting on those aswell.

Thanks again!