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Thread: 2 HDD in Shuttle SB75G2 + X800 Pro

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    2 HDD in Shuttle SB75G2 + X800 Pro

    Is anyone running their Shuttle SB75G2 with 2 HDD in RAID 0 config.

    I'm about to purchase my new ultimate game cube. Money's not really an object, so I'm getting among other good stuff a WD740GD 10K RPM hard disk. As this model has RAID 0 & 1, I could get a second drive and run RAID 0 for more speed.

    My questions to anybody out there who can help are:-

    1. Does the SB75G2 come with a standard cradle for 2 HDD or does a 2nd drive need a custom fit and are there heat issues. 2 drives running at 10K would generate a bit of heat. Has anyone had to get around a problem like this?

    2. I'm also ordering an ATI Radeon X800 PRO card 256. The shuttles VGA support list shows a ATI Radeon 9800XT 256 is supported. Has anyone tried the X800 and had any problems?

    I'd really appreciate any info anyone out there might have...

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    1. You dont' need anything special to add a second hard drive to an SB75G2. Heat problems? You may be going where no other has gone before...

    2. I have seen reports of people using an X800 card in an SB75G2. In fact, some guy... (digging for the link) set a 3Dmark record using an X800-equipped 75...

    It's since been surpassed, but impressive nonetheless...
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    It will get hot, very hot in there, it should be ok as long as you have the V2 with the 250 watt PSU
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