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    Question Midi Keyboards

    Okay, here's the thing: I'm really poor, but I'm trying to get together a music studio.

    Can anyone suggest any good quality midi keyboards? I really don't have a clue as to thier price range or things to look out for.

    Also, I have an idea.

    I already have a standard electric (musical) keyboard. Is is possible to modify a headphone lead, so that instead of going from the keyboard headphone jack into the headphones, it goes from the headphone jack to the microphone socket in my computer?

    I ask, because the two sockets are exactly the same. I could just solder two headphone leads together, et voilet! One midi keyboard.

    Is it phisically possible?

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    Pluging the headphone socket into the microphone/line in doesnt make it a midi keyboard. But you can buy or make that lead and you can record what you play.

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    Right, a quick lesson, lol.

    Headphone (and line) is an audio signal. MIDI is simply a sequencing signal. MIDI works normally on a 5 pin DIN plug (if your inputting into a PC you can get convertors for Game port) and that transmits timecode data and sequence data (ie which note is being played and how loud). This means it can be used for sequencing things like FX boxes, DSP and desks, it also means you can have a cheapo keyboard and output MIDI and then use a good sounding MIDI sound box to output into your desk. Line out is however not sequencing data, its an analogue audio signal - which only can be processed by things like DSP.

    Simple answer no - however if you just want to record onto your PC whatever sound the keyboard is making then you can use something like a 1/4" to 1/6" jack cable (6.5mm to 3.5mm) there reasonably cheap.

    If you want to input MIDI into your PC for about £10 you can buy a MIDI in/out cable that goes from two 5pin DINs to a game port plug, this will then use the soundcards MIDI sounds

    I personally in my practice room use a Yamaha Clavinova into a Yamaha XG box then dual XLR connection to the desk - although for standard piano I just use XLR direct as the Clav has a very nice Piano sound to it (whats it designed for).

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